Leisa Thompson

Leisa Thompson grew up in the small town of Salem, Virginia surrounded by family, and has been called a storyteller as far back as her memories take her. As a child she was always finding herself lost in the woods out back of her mother’s home and it was in the forest she felt at peace for that’s where her imagination was set free to get lost in day dreams.

By the age of 16 she was an expert at camping. At 18 she began solo camping, thus most of her stories originate from her experiences being lost in her imagination while camping on some mountain top. Along with her childhood stories, this gives her a broad range of genres.

She started storytelling in 2006, to people she came up upon while riding her bike along her hometown streets. This connected her to someone whom offered her support in the way of a scholarship, setting her up an appointment with a Ms. McCormick of Hollins College.

She has been chasing the dream of becoming a known storyteller since 2009, after being supported by Ms. McCormick. Her words inspired her; “You’re a natural storyteller. Go make something of yourself, and may it take you far. Write it as you speak it and you’ll do well”.

Since 2009 she has shared stories at: “No Shame Theater”, “Roanoke City Market Building”, “Swapping Grounds and Campfires at Sounds of the Mountain”, “Swapping Grounds, at Jonesborough, Tennessee Storytelling Festival ”,(at Jonesborough she has been given the name “The Restroom Teller”, of the bathrooms, as while she stands in waiting, she entertains), competing in the “Mountain Mack Virginia Liars Contest” yearly, as well as, competing in the storytelling at “Culpeper Tells”.

She is a member of the Virginia Storytelling Guild, and with the support of the City of Salem’s library and the Friends of the Salem Library has held, “Tellabration”, (which is a storytelling worldwide event) for the past three years, under the theme of Grandma’s Front Porch.

Her stories are light, fun, and educational in imagination.

Salem, VA
(540) 597-7782 | (540) 597-7782 | timesmind@outlook.com