Shout Hallelujah Come On Get Happy!

by Gayle Turner, VASA President

If you’re reading this then you know the Virginia Storytelling Alliance website is up and running again.

It’s taken two years and countless reversals, and the relentless commitment of many people who I would like to thank here and now:

First and foremost, thank you to our Past President, Louise Tucciarone, and our Past Vice-President, Sheila Arnold Jones, for their shepherding of the process during their tenure.

Second, our current Vice-President, Norris Spencer, for maintaining contact with our new webmaster, Karen Wollscheid.

And lastly, to Karen Wollscheid herself for her patience and diligence working with the Alliance’s volunteers.

Thanks to Our New Board

Next, Thank you to our new Board of Directors.

  • Paul White will be our liaison with the Culpeper Friends of the Library to assure the 2017 Virginia Annual Storytelling Gathering will run smoothly in sync with Culpeper Tells.
  • Jennifer Jones will be our membership liaison and will oversee the website from here on out.
    • Thank you, Via Goode, for your devoted service as our Membership Chair.
  • Jeff Scott has taken my place as Secretary of the Board.
  • Norris Spencer has rejoined the Board and besides continuing to edit the Newsletter will be our Vice President.
    • Thank you, Judith Onesty, for all your hard work over the years producing the newsletter.
  • And I, Gayle Turner, am honored to serve as President of our Board.

We are still looking for someone who would like to serve as Treasurer. Anyone who would like to volunteer please reach out to Norris Spencer.

We’ll Be Calling

Some of you may have heard from us already. The Board is making a concerted effort to speak with every member before the New Year. We’ve several questions we want to ask. The two most important are,

“What would you like from VASA?” and

“How would you like to contribute your gifts of time, talent and treasure to VASA’s success?”

We, the Board, will make every effort to be as transparent as is humanly possible.

Between resurrecting the website and resuscitating the newsletter it is our intention to maintain timely communication with you our members.

Communication is as you know a two-way street.

So, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We want to know how we may better serve you and how we may better provide you with opportunities to share your gifts with the Alliance, the Commonwealth and beyond.

Last Thoughts

We have a new mailing address:
P.O. Box 7001
Richmond VA 23221

Due to the problems with the website we’ve been unable to collect dues in a timely manner. The new website has the capacity for you to pay using PayPal or to mail a check. Also, the new membership directory will help you showcase your talent as well as reach your fellow members.

Thank you for your continued support.