Virginia Storytelling Alliance (VASA) is your one-stop source for finding Virginia storytelling events, contacting Virginia and Regional storytellers, and helping you network within the storytelling community. As you browse our website, we want to encourage you to become a member of this growing organization. Whether you are an avid listener, storytelling hobbyist, or professional storyteller…being a part of the VASA community is a great way to keep in touch and keep informed.

Upcoming Event

2021 VASA Gathering
June 3 – 6, 2021

The 2021 VASA Gathering: “Stories That Matter!” A Virtual Extravaganza of Storytelling, Workshops, Story Swaps and Story Coaching!

Information can be found here and on our Facebook page:



  • Tell on the Main Virtual Stage
  • Present a Workshop
  • Be a Coach

If you would like to participate:
Deadline for submissions is May 4, 2021
Submit suggestions and contributions to


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