Gale Buck shared the stories and music of the Great Highland Bagpipes in schools around Wake County, NC, but it was not until he shared stories of the Magic of Christmas that he was called “Storyteller.” Author of over 200 short stories and more than a dozen published books, Gale is now an avid storyteller and promoter of the vocal art. He and his wife, Christy, enjoy traveling to festivals and helping others find the magic in our lives. Gale is co-founder of Village Storytellers, a casual group of folks who enjoy improving their skills in Raleigh, NC, and creator of Front Porch Stories, a quarterly storytelling event in Raleigh. Gale won the 2014 Bold-Faced Liars’ Showdown, placing Third in 2015 and first in the 2015 South Carolina State Liars’ Contest. Gale and Christy moved to Martinsville, Va in 2021, where he found the story of ground hogs who surround his house. He also enjoys finding and sharing new legends in state parks and campgrounds and will be looking at YOU for his next great tale.

Martinsville, VA
(919) 539-1914