MyLinda Butterworth comes to storytelling naturally being born into a family where father taught storytelling and her mother was a puppeteer, so being on stage came naturally. She hears stories, writes stories, tells stories, promotes stories, teaches storytelling, she lives stories and is willing to share them in multiple formats being a publisher, award-winning author, workshop presenter and storyteller. She is the Dean of Performing Arts at Pennsic University 2 weeks out of the year for over 10,000 people, She creates and organizes storytelling festivals and conferences as well as performing on stages and your screen. She has a popular YouTube channel Totally Stories where she brings stories to life and alliterations and tongue twisters to delight every week. Winner of an NSN Oracle Award and an award winning author she says that story(telling) lights her fire.

Pasadena, MD
((443) 817-2129 | Cell (407) 416-9788