Author/Storyteller/Playwright Linda Goodman, an Appalachian Mountain native of Melungeon descent, draws on her roots to create a magic world where fantasy and ordinary heroes come together to entertain and inspire. She also tells traditional tales using a wide array of voices to make characters come to life.

“I was born into a culture that is fading away. I feel an obligation to keep that culture alive in my stories,” she enthuses. “I also feel an obligation to people my stories with Southern Appalachian characters of intelligence and integrity. This country has a stereotype of a Southerner who is slow and unintelligent. My stories seek to dispel that stereotype.”

Linda has performed nationwide and been published in the Chicken Soup and Stories for the Heart Series. She is a regular contributor to Smoky Mountain Living magazine. Her one-woman show and book, Daughters of the Appalachians, has also been performed as a play by theater companies around the country. Her CDs include Jessie and Other Stories (Winner of 2 Storytelling World Winner Awards and Bobby Pins (Winner of 3 Storytelling World Winner Awards).

Waxhaw, NC
(804) 687-6341 |