Amusing. Comical. Witty. Chucklesome. Chucklesome? Yes, that word, too, has been used to describe Wayne’s stories. His stories are crafted with humor, insight, and surprises. He strives to capture the imaginations of his listeners, engage their curiosity, and leave them smiling.

Wayne has spent most of his life entertaining audiences as a musician, actor, radio disc jockey, auctioneer, and Toastmaster. He makes his living as a writer and editor. He has a keen interest in history. Taken together, these activities might indicate that Wayne can’t keep a job. Or, that he has lots of stories to tell.

Wayne is no stranger to audiences. In fact, his stories are built with audiences in mind. Who will attend the event? What are their interests, aspirations, and backgrounds? Why are they there? How should they feel when they leave? Entertained? Informed? Inspired?

Raised in THE BIG CITY (Washington, DC) and relocated to Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Wayne has stories to fit both social and business events.

Galax, VA 24333
(276) 730-5197