Wayne Jordan Virginia Storyteller

Wayne Jordan

Amusing. Comical. Witty. Chucklesome. Yes, “chucklesome” fits right into the array of adjectives used to describe the stories of  Virginia Storyteller Wayne Jordan. Each story Wayne tells is packed with humor, insights, and a twist or two, designed to grab the imaginations of his audience and tickle their funny bones.

Wayne’s eclectic career has seen him entertain as a musician, actor, radio DJ, auctioneer, and toastmaster. He’s also a seasoned writer and editor with a keen interest in history. This might suggest Wayne can’t hold down a job, but really, it just means he’s got a suitcase full of stories to share from every stop along his journey.

Wayne strives to understand and connect with his audiences. Who are they? What do they want from an event? Whether they’re looking to be entertained, informed, or inspired, Wayne’s got a story that fits the bill. He’s crafted his tales with all sorts of listeners in mind, from corporate folks to family reunions, always aiming to send them home happier than when they arrived.

Whether he’s spinning yarns in the grand setting of a museum or breaking the ice at a smaller, more intimate gathering, Wayne adapts his stories to match the crowd and setting. His broad experience in performance arts means he’s not just talking at the audience—he’s bringing them into the story, making every tale an experience.

Originally from the hustle of Washington, D.C., now living in the tranquility of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Wayne brings a mix of city sharpness and country charm to his stories, making them a great fit for both buttoned-up business events and laid-back social gatherings.

Looking for a surefire way to spice up your next event? Virginia Storyteller Wayne Jordan is your guy. Reach out now to book him for your gathering. Let him turn your average event into a standout affair that will have your guests already asking, “When’s the next one?”

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