Robin Kitson has been telling stories that Polish Your Heart for over 20 yrs. She is known for her personal tall tales, civil rights and women’s historical stories, Cajun folktales, motivational stories, STEM, and international folktales.

Although storytelling came later in Robin’s life her stories started early. As a young child she witnessed Ruby Bridges walking into a school where Robin was a student. As a young, single, poor, and uneducated mother Robin tells about overcoming obstacles. She enrolled in a Community College earning an AAS in Electronics and became the first female power plant electrician at Carolina Power and Light, then went on to be the first female Electric Meter Tech.

Eventually Robin got her BS in Human Environmental Science to teach character education. The pay cut was too much so she went back to Energy Engineering. After years of feeling like a square peg in a round hole, Robin found Storytelling. She was at peace, she was home. Robin’s life mission is to tell stories that educate, motivate, lift spirits, and sometimes just make people laugh.

She is just as happy to present a house concert as she is to tell at a festival or school. Robin looks forward to creating a custom program to suit your needs.

Raleigh, NC
(919) 342-5991 or (919) 741-0607