Every now and then, someone comes along who can conjure deep feelings and reflection in listeners. Annette Petrick is such a storyteller. writer and radio personality. Her views are full of hope and joy; touching stories that will stick with you.

At Considerthisradioshow.com, you can read or listen to her unique and insightful perspective on love, fear, parenting, joy, integrity, fun, listening, gratitude and contemporary issues. Annette’s stories are short, humorous, poignant and always thought-provoking. They are only 90 seconds long.

Over the last 14 years, she has written and broadcast over 600 stories on her daily radio show. They are now illustrated and archived on the website. Her book, Tiny Little Stories of Christmas Joy, Love & Wonder, is now available on Amazon.

You can sign up on the website to receive one story delivered to you by email each Sunday morning. It comes with audio, script and backstory. In the mood for a good short story? Come on over.

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