Cynthia lives in the former mill village of Bynum, NC with 4 cats, 1 kitten and Rascal, the “Jack Russell Terrorist.” She grew up on a farm in the North Carolina mountains with 6 brothers and sisters and a big extended family!

Cynthia tells true, original, real-life stories for all age groups. She tells farm stories from her childhood. She shares her father’s and mother’s stories of the Depression. She brings to life her ancestors’ stories from Sassafras Mountain. For small children she tells stories about “Rascal and the willie kitties at my house.”

Her stories promote good values and self-worth with creativity and humor: Modern-day David and Goliath’s – The Odyssey Winnebago-style – Aesop’s Fables a la Frozen Creek.

“We are the heroes and heroines of our own stories! It is important for kids to know day-to-day life is special.”

Cynthia produces the Bynum Front Porch Storytelling series, and leads the Bynum Storytelling Workshop – both in their sixth year in Chatham County, NC. She speaks at conferences, performs in schools and leads workshops across the state: “Farmers’ Markets for Storytelling” and “Social Media For Storytellers.”

Bynum, NC