Paul is a natural storyteller. Utilizing an active imagination and original spirit he translates, creates and relates verbal imagery that is captivating and transcendent. He can entertain, teach and inspire. His original stories include Mara (a story of healing), And the Angels Sang (Christ’s incarnation), Mom’s Cherry Pie, 7th Inning Stretch and Eight Shetland Ponies.

Paul’s childhood in rural Michigan, his experience as a dairy farmer, a pastor, and leadership consultant provide a fertile background from which he styles, creates and adapts stories that can meet the needs of your specific audience. Paul has been active with the Mid Michigan Storytellers (MAST) and has participated in the Michigan Story Festival. He currently is part of Let Me Tell Ya’ and serves on VASA’s board of directors. He and his wife, Barbara, reside in Chatham, VA

Chatham, VA
(989) 280-1718