Known as the “Good(e) Storyteller”, Via travels over central and Coastal Virginia, sharing stories at schools, libraries, museums, and other private and public establishments. Headlining in more than 1,000 performances to date, her specialty is sharing folktales about respect, kindness, patience, forgiveness, using brains over brawn, and taking care of the earth. Via was named Teaching Artist of the Year by Arts For Learning-Young Audiences of Virginia. For her younger audiences, core learning standards and VFBELs are emphasized (although the audience thinks it’s all just fun . . . shhhh . . . don’t tell ’em they’re learning!). The stories she shares with middle school, high school, and adult audiences are not only thought provoking, but elicit great conversations afterward. Via is happy to customize her program to meet your theme and budget needs.

Chesapeake, VA
(757) 477-3525