Victoria Phelps

Victoria PhelpsVoice-over actor, storyteller, and Music and movement educational entertainer.

Victoria Phelps has been crafting characters for audiences since grade school with her first puppet show.

She has been a teaching artist/ educational entertainer – educating audiences through her stories and songs for more than 15 years. With all the charm and joyfulness of your favorite Fairy-Godmother, cowboy, southern belle, and more.

As a storyteller and educational entertainer: She was trained with Kindermusik many years ago, she also has interactive fairytales and Bible stories through theater games and more.
She has been trained with Simply the Story Bible telling too.

Victoria is known for crafting an atmosphere of positivity and laughter with audiences and transforming to give uncanny performances. A visit with Victoria is a visit filled with imaginative learning!

(757) 621-0480